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 Medical assistance to foreign citizens who are temporarily present or permanently residing in the Russian Federation is provided in the "Kamenskaya MRB" State Medical Service in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 186 of 06.03 .2016 "On Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Medical Care to Foreign Citizens in the Territory of the Russian Federation."

  • - Foreign citizens who are insured persons in accordance with the Federal Law "On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation" have the right to free medical care within the framework of compulsory medical insurance;
  • - Medical assistance to foreign citizens is provided in accordance with contracts on the provision of paid medical services or voluntary medical insurance contracts.
  • Can You read Rules of appointment to the doctor in this section.
  • See the Fee List of Paid Medical and Non-Medical Services here

Contact us:
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Sovetskaya street, 13, Kamenka city, Penza region, 442247

Chief Doctor: Eremin Alexander Alexandrovich

Medical services are provided by "Kamenskaya MRB" on the basis of the list of works (services) constituting medical activities and specified in the license for carrying out medical activities of the ЛО-58-01-002314 dated November 13, 2019.
Paid medical and non-medical services of "Kamenskaya MRB" are provided on the basis of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1006 of 04.10.2012 "On Approval of the Rules for Provision of Paid Medical Services by Medical Organizations," the Regulations on the Separation of Paid Services of the State "Kamenskaya MRB."

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